Our Core Values



Music Therapy Works' core values are the guiding principles that our music therapists hold every day and in everything they do.  These form the foundation for delivering the highest possible standards of service for our clients and our purchasers. 

We abide by these core values as they underpin our work, the way in which we interact with our clients and service users and how we go about our work.  As our team expands and develops, it has become more and more important to communicate and live by the core values that define Music Therapy Works.  

They are:
  • Be there for the client and celebrate their song
  • Seek out relationships with those around the work
  • Communicate your passion for Music Therapy
  • Ask for help; ask what will help?
  • Create opportunities to adapt and innovate
  • Understand when to improvise and when to extemporise
  • Support your work family; hear their music
  • Enthuse, inspire and believe in everyone's potential
  • Embrace high moral and ethical standards
  • Rock the boat, don't let the boat rock you
  • Love herbal tea, but drink enough coffee!

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