Outcomes and evaluation approach



‘There has been improvement in communication, social interaction & concentration which has generalised back to the classroom’     
The Pines School 2015

Music Therapy has a proven track record of positive outcomes and evaluation measurements to support both pupils and staff in mainstream and special educational settings.  We have our own bespoke tool which is drawn from approaches such as the Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile and the Outcomes Star.

 In the wider Birmingham and West Midlands area, schools have chosen to invest in music therapy for over 20 years. One day a week of music therapy with an MTW HCPC registered Music Therapist can provide:

• 1:1 support for the most vulnerable pupils
• Small group support for those with similar needs
• Group work with pupils, parents and carers to foster positive attachment
• Short or long term intervention
• Sign-posting to other services and an in-house health professional able to link with CAMHS, social services & the wider team around each client
• Staff training on transferable skills, the therapeutic use of music, supportive listening and communication

Music therapists hold a Masters qualification in their subject and are state registered health professionals through HCPC. Schools have told us that we provide:

• A powerful intervention which enhances social skills; helps processing trauma; develops resilience and confidence; and hence improves access to the classroom environment
• A flexible service suited to each school’s requirements
• A reason for reluctant attenders to come to school
• Support in school transfer
• A difference to the whole school environment through working with the most challenging and/or vulnerable pupils
• A vital service for those who are unable to access CAMHS
• Communication with those who are unable or unwilling to verbally express themselves
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