Parents and carers


"We love music therapy!"     Mother of a service user.

Music Therapy can support and improve parent-child relations. Through musical play positive experiences can be created allowing both parent and child to interact in new and engaging ways, leading to strengthened relationships.

The Music Therapist works with the family to promote:

  • positive attachments
  • harmonious communication skills
  • innovative and adaptive ways of enhancing parent-child connections
  • extended social play skills
By providing innovative opportunities for bonding and developing attachment between children and their caregivers, Music Therapy can offer a safe, secure and resourceful environment in which relationships can be developed, improved and explored.

“Music therapy had a significant effect on the parent´s ability to talk to the child including the parent’s level of empathy. Music therapy also significantly decreased how stressful parents perceived their children and in particular, how stressful the child’s mood was to the parent.” 
Jacobsen SL, McKinney CH, Holck U (2014)

The non-verbal nature of music therapy provides a platform for parents and carers to interact with their child(ren) without recourse to words. This lends power to the therapeutic process and means that the intervention is accessible to families experiencing all and any difficulties, including those experiencing bereavement issues; the impact of a difficult diagnosis; stress and anxiety; the effects of disability.

If you are interested in further information on how Music Therapy may support parent-child interactions, please feel free to contact us here.

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