Staff Training


"Music Therapy is where I come to play my feelings." Boy, age 11, Springfield House School, Birmingham

 We can offer staff a wide range of training in:

  • Introduction to Music Therapy in schools, its impact, benefits and expected outcomes. Training an also include case study examples and experiential opportunities.
  • Developing practical skills through therapeutic music-making to support children/adults with communication, social, emotional and developmental difficulties.

Training can include the following skills development on:
  • Social skills
  • Improving social skills through non-verbal communication techniques such as turn-taking and decision-making
  • Active listening
  • Facilitating authentic responses
  • Song and vocal response work; adapting to the individual/group
  • Sharing and duets in music
  • Responding through time, space and pace
  • Drumming; basic techniques and extending structures
  • Games through musical play
  • Mindful music for relaxation
  • Guidance and training on how support staff can help support a client/clients in music therapy sessions
  • Vocal development and team-building singing workshops for small staff groups and larger meetings of up 150 people.

 We can provide training events for:
  • INSET days
  • Continuing professional development
  • Twilight meetings
  • Open days
  • In-house events
  • Team building days
  • Courses for staff during the academic year.

Sessions can be delivered by your on-site Music Therapist or by one of the MTW team who may specialise in a particular area of practice.

MTW workshops and training days are designed for and aimed at: teachers, educators, parents, carers, TAs, HLTAs, speech and language therapists, care staff, social workers, play therapists, art therapists, activity coordinators, support staff working in both mainstream and special needs settings or in pupil referral units, or any other professionals wishing to increase their understanding of communication through music.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information.
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